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Church Ministries

   Welcome to the church ministries page of the Personal Ministries department of Christian Record Services. This page is for churches and conferences that would like to partner with us in ministry. We are dedicated to helping churches lead the blind to Jesus.

   We can help you reach the blind by providing the following services:

  • We can partner with conferences in public evangelism. Christian Record has a list of blind individuals who are receiving spiritual materials from us and may be interested in attending meetings. We can produce and send special brochures to the blind in Braille, large print, or on cassette inviting them to local evangelistic meetings. If you provide a list of all your conference's evangelistic meetings for the year, we can send the invitations to the blind people in those areas. We will contact the local church for the meeting information.
  • We can provide Discover Bible lessons in Braille and large print for the blind and visully impaired individuals who attend your meetings.

  • We can provide a church with a list of names from our Bible School. This list will include those who are currently enrolled or who have graduated from the Bible School and live in the church's area. These names make good contacts because they are already interested in spiritual matters.
  • We can provide a special Sabbath service for the blind in a church's area. We will provide the church with a list of the blind people we serve in its area and send braille and large print invitations from our office. The local church members can also personally invite the blind individuals to the service and must offer transportation. The church must also contact the local county blind center and offer transportation from the blind center to the church that day. Christian Record will provide a speaker who will arrange the Sabbath service with the pastor. Blind visitors will be given Braille and large-print books for coming.
  • We can make a presentation at your pastors meetings. Most pastors are unaware of the many free resources and programs that are available to churches from Christian Record Services. Email the Personal Ministries Department to schedule a speaker for your next pastors meeting.
  • We can provide a seminar on how your church can start a ministry for the blind. This seminar will include resources and ideas on how to minister to the blind in your community. Send us an email to request a seminar.
  • We can provide sermons and seminars for you to share at your church or camp meeting.
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